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Derby Engines need special parts that are hard to find anywhere else. DerbyParts.com has you covered! Here you will find engine cradles, distributor protectors, headers and just about everything else you need to get that engine ready to derby! You can trust DerbyParts.com to bring you the best products out there for your derby car!
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Ultra bell MSD LS Ignition control demo derby edelbrock intake manifold
Stock bellhousings can't withstand the punishment of today's top derby's.  You don't want a broken transmission bellhousing to keep you from winning the feature.  Using the latest technology, J.W. Performance has developed the Ultra Bell bellhousings. They are designed to be certified flexplate shields and allow for special motor and transmission combinations to be easily mated together. J.W. Performance Ultra Bell bellhousings are manufactured from one-piece cast aluminum, making them 600 times stronger than stock bellhousings. They are capable of taking a beating and still deliver power to the rear end.  Ultra Bell's are designed to fit under most stock floorboards, and are made in the USA.

Stock bellhousing must be cut off of transmission. This bolts directly to front pump. Bolts included. Will work with OEM 12 in. torque converters and smaller.

GM TH400 Automatic to GM Small Block GenIII/IV LS Series

If you don't see the transmission/engine combo you want (like small block Ford to Powerglide or small block Ford to TH400) then just give us a call.  We can get most Ultra Bell's that JW Performance makes.
Don't let the wiring scare you!  This controller from MSD makes it easy.  It comes with 6 different timing programs that you plug into the controller.  Simple!  Our LS tech can help you decide which timing curve will work best for you.

This MSD LS1/LS6 ignition controller allow you to install a carburetor on your LS-based engine. This compact ignition controller fits with matching factory-type connectors for the coils, crank sensor, MAP sensor, and the cam sensor. The controllers also feature a 2-step rev limiter, a vacuum advance curve, and even a step retard.

For use on carbureted LS1/LS6 engines with 24 tooth crank trigger.
Designed for competition 262-400 c.i. S/B Chevys. The Victor Jr. intake manifolds incorporate Edelbrock's extensive knowledge in induction technology. Designed for the 2 bbl derby car, providing outstanding performance from 3500 to 7000 RPM. The runners are sized especially for the 2 bbl racing engines for the ultimate combination of torque/horsepower and fuel distribution.

An extra tall carburetor pad eliminates the need for spacers, and rear water outlets allow for a 4-corner coolant flowpath if desired (for use with our small block Chevy cooling unit) Other features include dual distributor clamp locations and port exits sized to match Chevy cast-iron Bowtie cylinder heads. Accepts standard carb adaptors.

This is a great intake manifold that you can count on to deliver the performance you need to compete in the top derby's in the country.
Edelbrock Victor Jr. LS1 Intake edelbrock performer LS Intake MSD starter
MSD DynaForce Starter
Our Price: $299.00
This Edelbrock Victor Jr. LS1 carbureted intake manifold is capable of supporting up to 600 hp and is our high performance option. It accepts a standard 4-barrel square bore carburetor or use our universal carb adapter and a 2 bbl Rochester Carb. The manifolds are made of high-quality aluminum and feature a natural finish. A required electronic timing control module is sold separately . This is the best value in an intake to set up your LS to run a carb. This manifold allows you the opportunity to use a carburetor on these originally computer-controlled engines. Edelbrock LS1 intake manifolds are made in the USA and manufactured from aluminum. These Performer RPM intake manifolds offer you the ability to maximize torque and increase power curves of your engine. Don't take a chance when you make the feature!  Those cheap starters can die on you, leaving you stranded and out of the money.

These MSD DynaForce starters feature all-new components and are hand-assembled in the USA. For maximum performance and reliability, all starters are dyno-tested and blueprinted before they leave the factory. The armature is balanced during assembly and is guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement during thousands of starts. The MSD DynaForce starters feature a 3.4 hp motor, and a reduced 4.4:1 gear ratio delivers superior torque for those tough starts when your engine dies during the derby. They feature a downsized housing that clears most headers and oil pans, and a billet aluminum mounting block that can be clocked in different positions for tighter clearance applications. The starters have a durable red powdercoated finish that is designed for maximum protection while looking good. They use a nickel plated, heavy-duty solenoid that performs excellently in severe environments.**Straight Pattern**
demo derby headers
LS Half Cradle
Our Price: $249.00
DerbyParts.com now has LS1 headers!

You won't find a better value in a set of headers. Schoenfeld makes top quality, mandrel bend headers at a great price. They come with great sounding 1 3/4" primary tubes, these headers make a great sound and they look great. The extras aren't extra with Schoenfeld. All headers come with gaskets and bolts. A great value in a great header!

LS1 1 3/4" primary tube, 4 to 1 collector. Collector is 8" long and 3" diameter.
This kit includes One SBC cradle, without pulley protector and your choose of either Ford or GM lower Mounts. This is a 10% saving. This is the New Revised LS Half Cradle, comes with or without pully protector. This Cradle was built to fit the frames of the Crown Vic Cars. Its fits down nice into the frame of the Crown Vic cars. Second photo is of the cradle actually sitting down and bolted in a Crown Vic frame.
All cradles are built by us, and cradle does not come painted or powder coated, we just paint them to show up nice in our photos. They will come to you in the "Raw" metal form.
demo derby, engine cradle demo derby, edelbrock intake manifold diy sbc cradle kit
SBC Engine Cradle
Our Price: $229.00
DIY SBC Cradle Kit
Our Price: $165.00
Fully welded and gusseted SBC engine cradle. Pan protector is 1/4" and rest of cradle is 3/8".  Heavy duty all the way. Available with or without a pulley protector. Edelbrock's famous Performer manifold is designed for 1955-86 small block Chevys. This manifold is a stock replacement part for 302/327/350 V8s with OEM 4 bbl. or Edelbrock Performer Series carbs. Will also work on 1966-72 (1973 non-California) cars, 1966-83 trucks and Suburbans; except stock equipped EGR.  Also works with the Jet Rochester carb with the universal carb adapter.

Performers accept late-model choke, waterneck, air-conditioning, alternator and H.E.I. Not for 1987 and later cast iron or Chevy Bowtie heads. Will fit 1987 and later stock aluminum heads.

Made in the U.S.A.
Are you a good welder?  Then you can weld up your own cradle.  This kit comes with everything you need to weld up your own heavy duty 3/8" SBC engine cradle.  All parts are laser cut to exact specifications and the ears have mounting tabs for easy alignment.  This kit comes as cradle only, or cradle and pulley protector.

Save yourself some money and get a great cradle.  This is a great item to work on over the winter!
mopar engine cradle, demo derby demo derby LS1 engine cradle pulley protector demo derby, engine cradle
Mopar Conversion Cradle
Our Price: $159.00
We've made this cradle even better and a great way to run your Chevy small block in your Mopar car body. This conversion cradle makes it easy.

The lower mounts on this new conversion cradle are heavy duty like our standard motor mounts. No stock motor mounts here. Designed to work with our heavy duty SBC engine cradle. The SBC cradle bolts into the conversion cradle and you weld the conversion cradle down to the cross member and then brace the motor mounts.

This new design also allows you to run a pulley protector! Our pulley protector can bolt through the front plate of the conversion cradle and into the SBC engine cradle for added protection. This cradle will also work with stock upper mounts or our heavy duty SBC upper mounts.

Pulley Protector only for the DerbyParts.com LS Engine Cradle.
Looking to add an pulley protector to your engine cradle?  Here's one that goes with our standard SBC engine cradle.  All 3/8" construction and fully gusseted.  This thing is heavy duty!  Keep those pulley's protected and get yours today.
LS1 Upper Engine Mounts SBC Upper Engine Mounts
LS Steel Flex Plate
Our Price: $119.00
LS1 Upper Engine Mounts
Our Price: $99.00
Platinum Series flexplates have the performance you need to use your LS engine in a derby car. The combination of top quality and reasonable pricing make this a easy decision to add to your set up.

These Platinum Series Flexplates are engineered to handle extreme duty applications like demolition derby and designed to take the punishment of today's high horsepower engines. The 4mm thick centerplate provides a solid foundation. Ring gears are precision welded to meet SFI specifications, utilizing robotic machiner and cold-welding process.

   SFI 29.1 certified
   Direct bolt on component
   Forged one-piece steel ring gears
   0.035" thicker than stock flexplates
   Constructed from cold-rolled premium steel
   Long lasting platinum finish that helps prevent rust
   Features double welded ring gears for added durability

For the 1997-Present GM LS1, LS2, LS6 engines
Now you can easily run your LS1 engine in a stock class derby car!

These are heavy duty upper engine mounts for LS1 engines. If your rules don't allow a cradle, or you want a rock solid engine mount in stock class cars then you should check out these upper engine mounts. They bolt to the block in the normal engine mount point but are built using the same ears and gussets as our heavy duty LS1 engine cradle. They work great with our lower mounts.

Sold as a set of 2.
These are heavy duty upper engine mounts. If your rules don't allow a cradle, or you want a rock solid engine mount in stock class cars then you should check out these upper engine mounts. They bolt to the block in the normal engine mount point but are built using the same ears and gussets as our heavy duty SBC engine cradle. They work great with our lower mounts.

Sold as a set of 2.
GM lower mounts ford lower mounts crank case evac kit
Crank Case Evac Kit
Our Price: $60.00
Heavy Duty all the way!  These lower mounts are designed for GM cars with a flat mounting plate area. They have heavy duty rubber bushings and a steel bolting tube in the center for added strength. Don't settle for cheap mounts, you won't be disappointed in these!  Sold as a set of 2 Heavy Duty all the way!  These lower mounts are custom designed to be an exact fit in your 80's and newer Ford.  The passenger side mount has a curved base to exactly contour to the shape of the frame.  That means more strength in your lower mounts.  You won't be disappointed in these mounts.

Sold as a set, left and right.
Reduces crankcase pressure throughout entire rpm range for increased piston ring seal, reduced intake charge contamination and fewer oil leaks. Track and dyno tests prove increases in engine performance. Welding required. Cannot be used on cars w/ mufflers.

Includes 2 each: Oil Separators/Breathers, Breather/Filler Cap Grommets, One-Way Check Valve and Weld-In Nipple for header collector, use with 5/8” diameter hose. Currently Out of Stock
LS Fan
LS Fan Adapter
Our Price: $55.99
Hughes Flex Plate Adapter
Our Price: $52.00
Screw on adapter for LS engines.  Adapter screws on the water pump shaft and has a standard 4 hole fan pattern.  Use with our reverse rotation fan for LS engines. This Hughes Performance LS1 flexplate adapter will allow you to use a TH350 or TH400 transmission and torque converter on your LS1 engine. They are made of high-strength steel and feature a special tapered end for easy installation. Flex-a-lite racing fan.  Heavy duty steel construction, 15" and reverse rotation for use in LS engine set ups.
valve covers valve cover breather
LS Flex Plate Bolts
Our Price: $29.00
Valve Covers
Our Price: $25.00
Flywheel bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of derby cars. That’s why the fastener experts at ARP develop special bolts that are far superior to OEM hardware. Forged from aerospace alloy and heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining.

   Fits Chevrolet Gen III/LS Series Small Block
   Exclusive, flat, 12-point head design
   Larger than stock shank diameter for increased strength and improved flywheel register
   Originally developed for NASCAR Winston Cup competition
   Has a 200,000 psi rating
   Set of 6
   M11 x 1.5
   .880" under head length
Valve covers have 1-3/8" breather tubes on one side only. Extra tall to clear rocker arm stud girdles or roller rockers. Fits '60-'86 Small Block Chevy V8. Breathers not included.

Available in stock height or tall, satin steel finish.
Push-in rubber system. Two K&N style filters and breather adapters. Fits steel or aluminum valve cover with 1.22" breather hole.
Motor Mount Bushings
Motor Mount Bushings
Our Price: $10.00
Replacement bushings for heavy duty motor mounts. These are super heavy duty polyurethane bushings designed for extreme applications like derby cars. They are used in our heavy duty lower mounts.

Sold as a set of 2.